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【June 20th,2019】To Peru- 1Unit Refrigerated Truck

Refrigerated truck also known as: refrigerated trucks, cold chain cars, insulated cars, refrigerated vans, refrigerated transport vehicles, bread refrigerated trucks, etc., are closed vans used to transport frozen or fresh-keeping  goods, and are equipped with refrigeration units. It equipped with refrigeration units and polyurethane insulated boxes.

Refrigerated vehicles are mainly used for long-distance transportation of perishable, perishable and easily fermented goods such as fruits, seafood and fresh milk.

The main configuration of the refrigerated truck we export to Peru as below:

Chassia Brand : JAC

Wheelbase: 2600mm

Engine: LJ469Q-1AEB (GASOLINE), 87HP


Steering Wheel: LHD

Emmission Standard: Euro 5


Box dimension: 3100x1560x1650mm

Reefer temperature: -5℃

Material: 8mm Polyurethane in middle,covered by 3mm fiber glass inside and outside,2mm                         amluminum floor

【Photos View】

Refrigerated Truck

refrigerator truck

refrigerator wagon

Refrigerated Truck

refrigerator truck

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