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How to choose the refrigerated unit for the refrigeration truck

In general, a van refrigerated truck is a closed van transporter for transporting frozen or fresh-keeping goods, and it is a refrigerated special transport vehicle equipped with a refrigerating unit and a polyurethane insulated box. The quality of a refrigerated truck is often determined by the refrigerated unit. The effect of the refrigerated truck is good enough to achieve its maximum efficiency.


There are two options of refrigerated unit for refrigerated trucks:

1.      Independent refrigeration unit. It means that the refrigeration unit has a separate power source and the unit itself has an independent power source. It can work independently, regardless of the working state of the car engine.

2.      Second, non-independent refrigeration units. As the name suggests, refrigeration units that cannot operate independently, such units do not have a power unit themselves, and must rely on the car engine to drive the compressor.


Which refrigeration unit should the user choose when buying a car?

(1)   According to the size of the refrigerated car body: optional independent units or non-independent units. Generally speaking, the car body of more than 6 meters is suitable for selecting an independent unit, and the size of the independent unit can be determined according to the length of the car body. For vehicles below 6 meters, non-independent units should be used. The temperature of the compartments can reach -20 °C

(2)   According to the temperature requirements of the goods transported by the refrigerated truck: the cryogenic unit or the fresh-keeping unit can be selected. From the price point of view, it is relatively cheap to keep your fresh-keeping unit cold. For the cheap fresh-keeping unit, the unit itself does not have the defrosting function, even if some fresh-keeping units claim to reach minus ten degrees, it is an exaggeration.

(3)   According to the requirements of refrigerated truck delivery: For example, if the refrigerated truck is used for point-by-point distribution of ice cream in the city, then it must choose the refrigerating refrigeration unit or independent unit, only the long-distance or long-distance point-by-point distribution within the city it is suitable for fan-type refrigeration units.

(4)   According to the origin and brand of the refrigerator: imported or domestic brands can be used.


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