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【Sep 15th,2020】To Dominica- 1 Unit ISUZU Sweeper Truck

Road Sweeper Truck (also called street sweeper, municipal vehicle, sweeping car, street cleaner and cleaning truck, street cleaning vehicle and etc) is a vehicle suitable for brushing,suction and transportation of dusts, leaves, mud, soil, sand, stone chips, gravels and other small particles on the ground of city roads and areas.It's suitable for dry type cleaning jon as well as dust suppression with water spray in the road side and narrow lanes.

【Sep 15th,2020】To Dominica- 1 Unit ISUZU Sweeper Truck

This sweeper truck used ISUZU 600P 4x2 chassis,the main configuration as below:

Chassia No.: QL1040A5HAY

Engine: 4KH1CN5HS, 130HP


Emmission Stand: Euro V

Steering System: Power steering,LHD

Others: ABS,A/C


Water Tank: 2000L

Dust Tank:4000L

Auxiliary engine: JMC 77HP

Control System: Simens PLC  control system

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